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"ComfiHips® is Brookdale's number one recommended hip protection product"
-Brookdale Senior Living (www.brookdalemarketplace.com)

"For the one year period of April 1, 2013, through March 30, 2014, residents admitted to our facility were placed in wheelchairs 89% of the time.  Only 11% of admissions remained ambulatory because of fears of falling and resultant fractures.  Since starting our comprehensive falls reduction project including ComfiHips  use for all appropriate residents on April 1 of 2014, only 42% of new admissions are placed in wheelchairs and 58% remain ambulatory.  We believe that ComfiHips are one of the most important interventions in the prevention of hip fractures when falls do occur and we have confidence that allowing residents to remain ambulatory improves their quality of life while ComfiHips use lessens the likelihood of major injury should a fall occur.  Several of our residents who have fallen are convinced that they would have "broken their hip if they weren't wearing their ComfiHips."


Susan Ayers, RN, BSN, LNHA, Administrator

Chautauqua Guest Homes, Iowa

US Patent No. 8,151,376
US Patent No. 8,732,869
Canadian Patent No. 2,668,610
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