When we first started this project, who would have thought that two aunts and a step-father would have fallen and broken their hips shortly after we started our research.  Both aunts needed surgery with a long rehabilitation period and my step-father...well, he needed a hip replacement.  Yes, in a sense they were lucky because as studies have shown, slightly more than 20% of individuals who fall and break their hip pass away within the first year.  If only we had ComfiHips® Hip Protectors available for them, maybe we could have saved them from so much pain and suffering.


We're not alone. As Baby Boomers, we are in the sandwich generation who are helping take care of our loved ones and provide them with the best quality of life as possible.


With the creation of ComfiHips® Hip Protectors, we want to do our part by reducing hip fractures and saving lives.  With all our research, testing and prototyping, we feel that we've come up with just the right pads.  During the tests, our pads were able to reduce most forces below the level to fracture a hip.  Our pads are that they can be worn comfortably during the day and provide peace of mind while sleeping at night.


ComfiHips® Hip Protectors is a project from the that can help our loved ones 24 hours a day.


We feel that ComfiHips® Hip Protectors far surpass anything on the market today.  We know you and your loved ones will agree!


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